Go anywhere!

Two helm stations: one at the wheel house (master) and the other one on the sun deck (slave) Intercom system and easy switching between the helm stations. 

Electronic charting with NobelTec (main) and several backup software packages.

Radar (open array 96NM)

as overlay on charts or full screen. Furuno Autopilot and Maretron system NMEA 2000 (GPS, Wind, Gyro, Multi functional) all fully interfaced. Multiple GPS backup's.

The main engines are driving auxiliary hydraulic pumps which provide for all of the on board hydraulics except the propulsion. Those are the stabilizers, anchor winches, crane, rudder, bow thuster 28HP, stern thruster 40 HP.

The rudder is joy stick controlled but has a manual backup hydraulics with a  steering wheel which can be mounted within a minute.

Wesmar role fin stabilizers with digital control board and monitor. They can reduce the role by > 80% !

The gyro controlled vessel trim system allows to remotely transfer fuel from port to starboard tank and vice versa to compensate wind force healing. 

12 VDC water maker system based on rearranged (and improved) Spectra Watermakers. Capacity 70 liter / hour.

A 250 gallons stainless steel fresh water tank serves as buffer.

Waste water (200 gallons) is stored in a stainless steel tank and can be either discharged over board or pumped out.

Monitoring and logging system. Reads all vital engine & hydraulic temperatures, manages fuel transfers, logs boat movements, speed, fuel consumption, vital engine data, weather data while underway. At anchor it monitors location, wind speed, water depths and triggers alarm.

Heavy duty ground tackle. One 55 KG Rocna and a 50 KG Plough both on 100 m chain each.

Sea anchor 25 feet and 90 meter 1" rope.

For easy maneuvering: wireless control of bow thruster, stern thruster, engines forward, engines reverse, windlass IN, windlass OUT.  Makes retrieving an anchor easy and maneuvering in narrow marina basins simple - in combination of thruster blasts bow & stern the vessel moves sideways.