Power management

No power - no cruise!

American standard 120 VAC, 60 Hz

but for compatibility with other regions of the world a 220 VAC 50 Hz circuitry was added!

Eden Bound offers a handy power management system which controls all available power sources so that you will hardly ever be without power.

           4 KW shore power isolation transformer 220 VAC / 120VAC  50Hz

          12 KW shore power isolation transformers 120VAC or 220 VAC in / out 50/60 Hz

           8 KW Northern Light genset 120VAC 60Hz (currently 10,718 h

          16 KW Northern Light  genset 120VAC 60 Hz (currently 6630 h)

           2 * 250A alternators 12V

           1400 Ah Lithium battery bank 12VDC (less than 100 cycles)

           1400 W solar panels with regulators 12 VDC system

            3.2 KW 120VAC Inverter  

            3 KW 220 VAC Inverter


The power management system can be accessed over the Internet as well giving you valuable information at any time. You can start a generator remotely by your phone or computer in case battery power is low.